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Kind words from some of the brave men and women that we have met.

I had the wonderful experience to meet Mr Pat Momany at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in December 2009. He is a great American. He has the heart of a true patriot who has volunteered to use his talents in a unique and special way. I know first hand the mouth watering pleasure that comes from eating his barbeque. I also have seen the healing affect his effort has on our Wounded Warriors. The particular experience which Pat brings to these outstanding young fighting Americans is a "taste of home" and an opportunity to relax and begin to deal with their injuries more effectively. Mr Momany has a warm and caring heart. He brings this warmth and cooking skills to Landstuhl, Germany at a critical phase in the care of our young men and women who proudly wear their country's military uniform. Pat is very humble about the service he performs here. This clearly comes across this way to the many patients and staff he comes in contact with on each visit. He wants no glory. A true gentleman and someone we are all very proud to know. His sacrifice, while different than that of our warriors, is still a sacrifdice of his time and money. His selfless efforts are noteworthy and deserving of your organization's recognition.

ROBERT B. BAILEY, Major General, USAF National Guard US Assistant US Air Forces Europe

Great to meet you last night and -- again -- many, many thanks for your kind actions and heartfelt words to our troops. Your actions speak
volumes of your care and concern for our deployed and mobilized service members. The fact that you made it here by your own accord and took the great amounts of time, energy and cost to show your appreciation are solid actions that make the difference between a good week and a great week. The sheer amount of positive energy that you generated around the MTD and the USO will multiply thousand folds not only terms of physical healing but positive morale and esprit de corps.

Pat, thank you once again for your incredible service to the mission and
morale of our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine uniformed service

Kind regards,

LCDR Scott Carlson, CHC, USN

Hi Pat,

I hope you made it back safely from Germany. Thank you again for
visiting and cooking for us in Landstuhl this past week. Your
commitment to the U.S. Troops is so heartwarming. The love, friendship
and care you mixed in your BBQ were surely the secret ingredients to
these perfect meals. Pat, thank you again, your unselfishness is to be
emulated, and was so truly appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you again hopefully for the 4th of July 2010!
Have a wonderful holiday season.

Very Respectfully

CW3 Liza Alford